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Building your Data Model Describe 3 limitations of encrypted fields

  1. See Explanation section for answer.

Answer(s): A


Cannot be unique Cannot be an external Id Cannot have default values.

Which of the following are true about custom objects? (Select all that apply):

  1. Salesforce provides a set of custom objects that you can use to store data.
  2. After you create a custom object, you need to add the user interface.
  3. Custom objects come with an infrastructure including reporting, auditing and access control.
  4. When you create a custom object, you get a direct access to the database.
  5. Custom objects are reportable and search

Answer(s): C,E

Identify the correct statements about dependent picklists (Select all that apply):

  1. Standard picklists can be controlling fields but not dependent fields
  2. The maximum number of values allowed in a controlling field is 400
  3. Before defining a dependency, you should ensure that your picklist has at least 1 value
  4. A custom multi-select picklist can be set at the controlling field for a dependent field
  5. If a field represents both a controlling field

Answer(s): A,C,E

What is the maximum number of lookup fields you can have in a single object?

  1. 25

Answer(s): A

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