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Which statement results in an Apex compiler error?

  1. Map<Id,Leas> lmap = new Map<Id,Lead>([Select ID from Lead Limit 8]);
  2. Date d1 = Date.Today(), d2 = Date.ValueOf(`2018-01-01');
  3. Integer a=5, b=6, c, d = 7;
  4. List<string> s = List<string>{`a',`b',`c');

Answer(s): D

What are two benefits of the Lightning Component framework? (Choose two.)

  1. It simplifies complexity when building pages, but not applications.
  2. It provides an event-driven architecture for better decoupling between components.
  3. It promotes faster development using out-of-box components that are suitable for desktop and mobile devices.
  4. It allows faster PDF generation with Lightning components.

Answer(s): B,C

A method is passed a list of generic sObjects as a parameter. What should the developer do to determine which object type (Account, Lead, or Contact, for example) to cast each sObject?

  1. Use the first three characters of the sObject ID to determine the sObject type.
  2. Use the getSObjectType method on each generic sObject to retrieve the sObject token.
  3. Use the getSObjectName method on the sObject class to get the sObject name.
  4. Use a try-catch construct to cast the sObject into one of the three sObject types.

Answer(s): B

What should a developer use to implement an automatic Approval Process submission for Cases?

  1. An Assignment Rule
  2. Scheduled Apex
  3. Process Builder
  4. A Workflow Rule

Answer(s): C

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