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A team wants to import a file with column names that do not match the fields into a data extension. What step is needed to align the file data to the field names in the data extension?

  1. Choose the appropriate date format
  2. Map the attributes in the file
  3. Name the new import definition
  4. Select the delimiting character

Answer(s): B

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses link aliases within the HTML versions of its emails to indicate where clicks occurred, even if the same URL is used multiple times within a send. A marketing employee has been asked to pull the email addresses of all customers who clicked on the link associated with "Main Banner Top" in NTO's most recent newsletter.

Where can the marketer most easily find this information?

  1. Tracking Job Links tab > URL ID
  2. Tracking Click Activity tab > Email Overlay View
  3. Tracking Overviewtab > Clicks
  4. Tracking Click Actiwty tab > Link View

Answer(s): B

When does the validation of email address occur when using a data extension?

  1. Done at the time of Import
  2. Done at the time of Send
  3. Done when admin refreshes it
  4. Done when subscriber updates profile in the profile center

Answer(s): B

What is a true statement about Automation Studio?

  1. A workflow is comprised of steps, and within each step are activities
  2. When multiple activities are in a single step, the activities are executed one at a time
  3. Activities supported in Automation studio must first be defined in the Email Application
  4. There is a limit to the number of activities and steps that can be placed in a workflow

Answer(s): A

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