By defining roles, permission sets, or profiles, Knowledge article visibility can be controlled by using which functionality?

  1. Data Category Visibility
  2. Content Management
  3. Automatic Topic Assignment
  4. Org-Wide Defaults

Answer(s): A

DreamHouse Realty is planning to launch a digital experience for its partners where they will be able to pick a Lead from shared leads and start working toward getting the lead converted into an Opportunity.

Which two steps are part of setting up Lead Sharing or Lead Distribution for partners?

  1. Enable "Allow External Lead Sharing" in Digital Experience settings.
  2. Create Page Layouts for Lead Distribution.
  3. Configure Lead Creation and Lead Distribution inside PRM Workspace.
  4. Create Assignment Rules for Lead Distribution.

Answer(s): B,D

hat are three best practices when configuring self-registration for an Experience Cloud site?

  1. Assign a cloned standard site profile asthe default for self-registration.
  2. Use a restrictive default profile to begin with.
  3. Create a separate profile for your self-service site and your partner portal.
  4. Assign the standard site profile as the default for self-registration.
  5. Use the same profile for your self-service site and your partner portal.

Answer(s): A,B,C

Dreamscape Flowers needs to create a digital experience that meets the following requirements:

* It allows for collaboration between customer and partner users.

* Self-service for customer users is available.

* Partner users create or resolve cases for their customers and need to see case data on a dashboard.

* Partner users do not manage Leads, Opportunities, or Campaigns.

Which license type should a Salesforce Admin use for these partner users?

  1. Customer Community
  2. Customer Community Plus
  3. Employee Community
  4. Partner Community

Answer(s): B

Dreamscape Flowers recently launched three Experience Cloud sites for North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. The Community managers have installed the Salesforce Communities Management package and are getting useful insights on adoption and engagement.

During the Community managers' weekly meeting, the Community manager for Europe mentioned that the preconfigured Insights reports cannot be used for their Experience Cloud site.

What is the reason for this issue?

  1. The Community manager for Europe does not have System Administrator privileges.
  2. The preconfigured Insights reports need to be modified to meet GDPR requirements.
  3. The Experience Cloud site for Europe is not using Chatter which is needed to use the preconfigured Insights reports.
  4. The Experience Cloud site for Europe has more than a million users.

Answer(s): A,B