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A team wants to import a file with column names that do not match the fields into a data extension. What step is needed to align the file data to the field names in the data extension?

  1. Choose the appropriate date format
  2. Map the attributes in the file
  3. Name the new import definition
  4. Select the delimiting character

Answer(s): B

Northern Trail Outfitters has a list of Platinum members containing 50,000 subscribers and a Lifetime Member list containing 20,000 subscribers; 7,000 subscribers in the Lifetime Member list also exist in the Platinum Member list.

An email was deployed to the Platinum members, but the marketing team would now like to send the same email to the Lifetime Member list.

Which feature should be used when sending the second email to ensure that the 7,000 subscribers that exist on both lists don't receive the same email twice?

  1. Exclusion Script
  2. Suppression List
  3. Domain Exclusion List
  4. Exclusion List

Answer(s): D


Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam Preparation

As a Salesforce training expert, it's my pleasure to assist you in preparing for the Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam. This certification exam tests your knowledge and expertise in the usage of Marketing Cloud Email for marketing purposes. The Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam is intended for individuals who have a basic understanding of Marketing Cloud Email and want to demonstrate their expertise by obtaining this certification.

Exam Topics Covered:

  • Marketing Cloud Email Fundamentals
  • Email Design and Deployment
  • List Management and Data Extensions
  • Campaign and Program Management
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Integration and Data Management
  • Automation and Triggered Emails
  • Delivery and Deployment
  • Email Optimization and Compliance

Exam Objectives:

  • Describe the features and capabilities of Marketing Cloud Email
  • Explain the design and deployment of email messages
  • Identify the process for managing data in Marketing Cloud Email
  • Understand the steps involved in managing campaigns and programs
  • Explain the process for generating and analyzing reports in Marketing Cloud Email
  • Identify the steps involved in integrating data from other sources into Marketing Cloud Email
  • Explain how to create and manage automated email messages
  • Understand the process for optimizing and monitoring the delivery of email messages
  • Identify the steps involved in complying with email regulations

Exam Details:

  • Cost: The cost of the Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam is $200 (USD).
  • Passing Mark: The passing mark for the exam is 65%.
  • Time: The exam is 90 minutes long.
  • Delivery Method: The exam is delivered through the Salesforce website.
  • Format: The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.

To prepare for the Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam, it is recommended to have a solid understanding of the exam topics listed above. You can achieve this by taking Salesforce-approved courses, reviewing the Marketing Cloud Email documentation, and practicing using Marketing Cloud Email in a test environment. Additionally, it's recommended to familiarize yourself with the Salesforce exam format and understand the types of questions that will be asked on the exam.

In conclusion, obtaining a Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist certification demonstrates your expertise in using Marketing Cloud Email for marketing purposes. By following the tips and resources provided, you can increase your chances of passing the Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam and achieving this valuable certification.



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