Free Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam Braindumps

A team wants to import a file with column names that do not match the fields into a data extension. What step is needed to align the file data to the field names in the data extension?

  1. Choose the appropriate date format
  2. Map the attributes in the file
  3. Name the new import definition
  4. Select the delimiting character

Answer(s): B

Northern Trail Outfitters has a list of Platinum members containing 50,000 subscribers and a Lifetime Member list containing 20,000 subscribers; 7,000 subscribers in the Lifetime Member list also exist in the Platinum Member list.

An email was deployed to the Platinum members, but the marketing team would now like to send the same email to the Lifetime Member list.

Which feature should be used when sending the second email to ensure that the 7,000 subscribers that exist on both lists don't receive the same email twice?

  1. Exclusion Script
  2. Suppression List
  3. Domain Exclusion List
  4. Exclusion List

Answer(s): D

A marketer needs to create an attribute named Gender that has a drop-down menu with appropriate values in the Profile Center. How can this be accomplished? (Choose 2)

  1. Select the data type as Text
  2. Set a custom maximum length of six
  3. Create restricted values
  4. Select the attribute as required

Answer(s): C,D

A subscriber unsubscribes upon receiving an email from Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO). At the bottom of the NTO email, the subscriber sees three links: Manage Subscriptions, Profile Center, and One-Click Unsubscribe.
The subscriber clicks One-Click Unsubscribe.

Given that NTO Is using the default subscription center, which two options are given when the subscriber clicks One-Click Unsubscribe?

Choose 2 answers

  1. Subscriber can choose to resubscrlbe to the list used for the send.
  2. Subscriber can choose to be unsubscribed from all NTO publications.
  3. Subscriber can choose which publications to unsubscribe from.
  4. Subscriber can choose to be removed from the data extension.

Answer(s): B,C

When a marketer is looking to improve the deliverability of their emails what should be included in the subject line of the email?

  1. Customer's first and last name
  2. Incentive Program
  3. Catchy subject line
  4. Add your company's name.

Answer(s): D