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When a marketer is looking to improve the deliverability of their emails what should be included in the subject line of the email?

  1. Customer's first and last name
  2. Incentive Program
  3. Catchy subject line
  4. Add your company's name.

Answer(s): D

Northern Train Outfitters (NTO) specializes in delivering snack boxes to its members. NTO offers a 90-day trial on the snack boxes. NTO would like to send out a series of emails to educate and remind members to purchase the snack box subscription before the 90-day trial ends. Which tool is recommended for this scenario?

  1. Triggered Emails
  2. Automation Studio
  3. Guided Send
  4. Playbooks

Answer(s): D

A marketer would like to automate a weekly email campaign using Automation Studio. The marketer needs to preconfigure the email so a colleague can set up the automation at a later date. How should the customer prepare this email for sending?

  1. Send Email
  2. Guided Send
  3. Send Preview
  4. Test Send

Answer(s): B

What are Exclusion Lists in the marketing cloud and how are they used? (Choose all that apply)

  1. they are like Suppression lists; list of subscribers that don't want to receive your communications.
  2. subscribers who have a status (active, bounced, held, unsubscribed)
  3. May be subscribers who want to continue receiving messages.
  4. You select an Exclusion List at the time of send

Answer(s): B,C,D



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