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Why should a marketer ensure that field lengths are accurate when creating a data extension? (Choose 2)

  1. To save the data extension
  2. To optimize import process speed
  3. To ensure data integrity
  4. To determine the correct data type

Answer(s): B,C

A marketer wants to delete subscribers from a data extension if the records are older than 30 days. How should the marketer accomplish this task?

  1. Set Data Retention in the Properties of the data extension to delete records older than 30 days.
  2. Use the Mass Delete Wizard to automatically delete any records older than 30 days from the eata extension.
  3. Set a reminder In the Campaign Calendar each day to manually delete the records from the data extension.
  4. Use the Import Activity in Automation Studio and select the delete records option for the specified timeframe.

Answer(s): A

A 15-person management team wants to review test emails built in Email Studio prior to live deployment based on content that is personalized for them, but is clearly noted as a test email. What is the safest, most effective way for a marketer to accomplish this task without compromising the email content?

  1. Create a data extension composed of the management team, create a User-Initiated Send Definition, select the email, prepend "Test" to the Subject, select the data extension, and send the email.
  2. Find each individual with Subscriber Preview and Test Send to each individual Recipient.
  3. Create a list composed of the management team, prepend "Test" to the Subject, and use the Send Flow to send the email to the list.
  4. Create a Test data extension composed of the management team and Test Send to the Test data extension.

Answer(s): C

Northern Trait Outfitters is using a Smart Capture form on a CloudPage to capture contest registrations in a data extension. Corporate has requested a nightly file with all registrants in this data extension be sent daily from Marketing Cloud to an external SFTP.

Which automation configuration should be used to achieve this?

  1. Schedule Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity
  2. File Drop Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
  3. Schedule Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
  4. File Drop Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity

Answer(s): B

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