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A marketer is designing email for mobile devices.

Which three design best practices would the marketer use? Choose 3 answers

  1. Stack the content in a single column.
  2. Keep copy simple and direct.
  3. Use image-based text for hero graphics.
  4. Cut content to make the message fit above the fold.
  5. Design with the most important content at the top.

Answer(s): A,B,E

Northern Train Outfitters sends email order confirmations to customers who have made online purchases. These emails must follow the "Transactional" CAN-SPAM classification requirements. Which feature would a marketer use to classify a send under this CAN-SPAM classification?

  1. Send Classification
  2. Send Definition
  3. Delivery Profile
  4. Sender Profile

Answer(s): A

How can a subscriber update their profile attributes?

  1. By calling customer service
  2. By accessing the profile center
  3. By emailing their sales representative
  4. By unsubscribing from a list

Answer(s): B

A marketer wants to run an Account Send Summary report. Which option can be configured when running this report? (Choose 3)

  1. Report results delivery location
  2. Report results file format
  3. Error report log location
  4. Date range parameters
  5. Error handling parameters

Answer(s): A,D,E



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