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DreamHouse Realty wants to make sure an Opportunity has a field Expected_Close_Date_c populated before it is allowed to enter the qualified stage.
How should an app builder solution this request?

  1. Record Type
  2. Validation Rule
  3. Activity History
  4. Page Layout

Answer(s): B

An app builder notices several Accounts converted from Leads are missing information they expected to be caught via Account validation rules.
What could be the source of this issue?

  1. The lead settings are unchecked to require validation for converted leads.
  2. Account validation rules fail to validate on records converted from a lead.
  3. The lead settings are allowing users to intentionally bypass validation rules.
  4. Lead validation rules fail to validate on records when they are being converted.

Answer(s): B

An App Builder at UVC would like to prevent users from creating new records on an Account related list by overriding standard buttons.
Which two should the App Builder consider before overriding standard buttons?

  1. Standard buttons can be changed on lookup dialogs, list views, and search result layouts
  2. Standard buttons can be overridden with a Visualforce page
  3. Standard buttons that are not available for overrides can still be hidden on page layouts
  4. Standard buttons can be overridden, relocated on the detail page, and relabeled

Answer(s): B,C

The Service Manager provided the app builder with color code requirements for case age on open cases.
New cases populate a green circle
Day-old cases populate a yellow circle
Three day-old cases populate a red circle
How should an app builder implement this requirement?

  1. Formula Field
  2. Quick Action
  3. Custom Button
  4. Lightning Web Component

Answer(s): A

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