Free C_ACTIVATE13 Exam Braindumps

What is the objective of a sprint retrospective meeting?

  1. Improve the scrum process
  2. Review and prioritize the backlog
  3. Provide formal feedback to the project manager
  4. Define the stakeholder management approach

Answer(s): A

Which of the following are part of the 10 SAP quality principle?

There are 2 correct answers to this question

  1. Start scoping early
  2. Use standard functionality optionally
  3. Achieve production readiness
  4. Plan phase at a time

Answer(s): A,C

What is the basis for approving work results (singing act of acceptance) on a project phase level?

  1. Definition of done for user story
  2. Scrum of scrums meeting decision
  3. Definition of ready for sprint
  4. Agreed and met acceptance criteria within quality gate

Answer(s): D

What is the order of artifacts within the technical architecture and infrastructure workstream In the prepare phase?

  1. Technical strategy>hardware specification from hardware vendor>parameters hardware seizing Calculation>hardware seizing work
  2. Hardware specification from hardware vendor>parameter's hardware seizing calculation>hardware seizing result>technical strategy work
  3. Hardware specification from hardware vendor>technical strategy>parameter's hardware seizing Calculation>hardware seizing
  4. Technical strategy>parameter's hardware>seizing calculation>hardware seizing results>Hardware specification from hardware vendor

Answer(s): D

Working in an Agile approach, what should your planning look like at the Beginning of the realize phase?

  1. Project scope and planning are completed and final
  2. User stories are in a ready state for NO more than the first three sprints
  3. Go-live scope is fixed on the first of January the following year
  4. Timelines of the sprint may differ due to the workload

Answer(s): B