Free C_AR_INT_13 Exam Braindumps

Your customer wants to integrate SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and Ariba Procurement Content (APC) to access catalog stored in the APC. What standard do you sue for this type of integration?

  1. XML
  2. OCI
  3. CXML
  4. CIF

Answer(s): B

Which SAP Ariba products contain an invoice reconciliation approval flow? There are TWO answers for this question.

  1. Ariba Network
  2. Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
  3. Ariba Invoice Conversion Service (ICS)
  4. Ariba Invoice Professional

Answer(s): A,B

our customer integrated Ariba Sourcing with the Ariba Network to send awards to SAP ERP. How does the Ariba Network transit the sourcing award data to SAP ERP?

  1. The Ariba Network sends the award to Ariba Procure-to-Pay, which routes the award to SAP ERP
  2. The Ariba Network adds line item information in the award and releases it to SAP ERP
  3. The Ariba Network runs the Ariba Sourcing Award Validation program and sends the status back to Ariba Sourcing. Then, this award is sent directly to SAP ERP
  4. The Ariba Network adds the award to the Pending Queue, from which it is pulled and routed to SAP ERP

Answer(s): D

Which transmission methods can suppliers use to receive purchase orders from the Ariba Network? There are TWO answers for this question.

  1. FTP
  2. IDoc
  3. EDI
  4. CXML

Answer(s): C,D

When would you recommend integration with a seller during supplier enablement? There are TWO answers for this question.

  1. When the buyer needs to receive contract invoices from this supplier
  2. When the buyer exchanges more than 500 documents per year with the seller
  3. When the supplier requests payments terms of less that 30 days
  4. When the buyer places a single annual order of over $1 million with the seller

Answer(s): B,C