Free C_BOBIP_42 Exam Braindumps

A schedule request for a Crystal report is sent to the Central Management Server (CMS).
Which task does the CMS perform next?

  1. Assign the request to a job server.
  2. Add a record with the schedule information to the system database.
  3. Request the report from the Input File Repository Server.
  4. Send the report instance to the Output File Repository Server.

Answer(s): B

Why would you configure a second Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) on the same host?

  1. To allow servers to be secured separately
  2. To allow servers to run under different network accounts
  3. To take over the management of the first SIA's server if it fails
  4. To increase the processing capacity of the host

Answer(s): B

What tool do you use to apply a predefined deployment template to your system?

  1. Version Management
  2. Central Configuration Manager
  3. System Configuration Wizard
  4. BI's Administrators' Cockpit

Answer(s): C

Which of the following components are used to authenticate a user logging into the BI Launchpad?

  1. Server Intelligence Agent
  2. Web Application Server
  3. Central Management Server
  4. Auditing Data Store

Answer(s): B,C

Users are not able to launch the Monitoring application on the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.
What should you check to troubleshoot this?

  1. Whether the Java Application Server has run out of memory
  2. Whether the users are added to the Content Publisher groups
  3. Whether the entered license keys are valid for the monitoring application
  4. Whether the appropriate version of Adobe Flash Player is installed

Answer(s): D