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Which of the following objects is the only difference between the partner agreement order and the subscriber order?

  1. Technical resource
  2. Product
  3. Contract account
  4. Master agreement

Answer(s): B

Your project requires that some customers use different clearing rules. This rule prioritizes open receivables for certain products.

Which SAP object do you use to define this payment clearing rule?

  1. Product
  2. Main- Subtransaction
  3. General ledger account
  4. Cost center

Answer(s): B

Which object is chosen during the invoicing process, based on the configured selection variant?

  1. Invoice order
  2. Billing document
  3. Billing unit
  4. Invoice unit

Answer(s): A

Which configuration objects control the invoicing functions together with the invoicing category?

Note: There are 2 correct answers to this questions.

  1. Invoicing process
  2. Invoice grouping variant
  3. Invoice selection variant
  4. Invoice type

Answer(s): A,D

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