Free C_FIORDEV_21 Exam Braindumps

Which information is included in the SAPUI5 app's manifest.json file? (3 answers)

  1. App ID, Name and Version
  2. Client side data-models
  3. Referenced data sources
  4. SAPUI5 dependencies
  5. Localization keys

Answer(s): A,C,D

Which properties are part of the design phase when you develop SAP Fiori apps?

  1. Scoping, 360 degree research and Synthesis
  2. Developing, Testing and Deploying
  3. Requirement gathering, Research and Documentation
  4. Ideation, Prototyping and Validation

Answer(s): D

Which security features does the SAP Fiori provide to restrict the access to native device capabilities? (2 answers)

  1. Bridge for non-Fiori content
  2. Encrypted storage of data on the device
  3. Restricted device functionality using a client policy
  4. Privacy screen

Answer(s): B,D

For which operations will the SAP Gateway server compute and return a new ETag in a response header? (2 answers)

  2. POST
  3. PUT
  4. GET

Answer(s): B,C

Why do you use the Cordova and SAP Kapsel plug-ins when using the SAP Web IDE, SAP HAT add-on? (2 answers)

  1. To integrate device APIs
  2. To use offline OData
  3. To enable multiple SAPUI5 apps
  4. To use X.509 client certificates

Answer(s): B,D