Free C_S4FTR_2020 Exam Braindumps

At which levels are authorizations assigned in the BP standing instructions? (3 Correct Answer)

  1. Product category
  2. Transaction type
  3. .BP category
  4. Product type
  5. BP category

Answer(s): A,B,D

Why must you assign special accounts (clearing and substitution accounts) for the initial load during customizing?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  1. There must be a substitution account for every reconciliation account.
  2. Loading balances need an offsetting account.
  3. After initial load, an offsetting account will be posted automatically to achieve a balancedbalance sheet.
  4. Substitution accounts must be used for sensitive data of the source system.

Answer(s): A,B

Which of the class is automatically determined from the settings made in Customizing on the product type level?

  1. Valuation class
  2. Biding rules
  3. Currency rules
  4. Market feedback

Answer(s): A

Which function is performed in Credit Risk Analyzer?

  1. Evaluation procedure
  2. Value at risk calculation
  3. Portfolio analysis
  4. Online limit check

Answer(s): B

Which of the object is used toarchive and delete financial transactions in the Transaction

Manager as well as related subentities?

  1. Follow-on project
  2. Dynamic Discounts
  3. TRTM_FTR archiving object

Answer(s): C