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What is the first step in starting an analysis in SAP Signavio Process Intelligence?

  1. Upload the attribute log
  2. Create a new process
  3. Create a new investigation
  4. Upload the event log

Answer(s): C

How does the splitting Inclusive Gateway (OR) work?Note: There are 2 correct answ-ers to this que-stion.

  1. It triggers only one of all outgoing sequence flows, if all conditions apply.
  2. It triggers all outgoing sequence flows, if only one condition applies.
  3. It triggers a few of all possible outgoing sequence flows, if several conditions apply.
  4. It triggers one outgoing sequence flow, if a condition applies.

Answer(s): A,C

What does the strategic level focus on in Business Process Management?

  1. Support business processes with the right systems.
  2. Define responsibilities in business processes.
  3. Run business tasks efficiently.
  4. Align business processes to company goals.

Answer(s): D

What can the Analytics menu in SAP Signavio Process Governance be used for?

  1. To show uncompleted tasks of a case
  2. To compare different versions of the same workflow
  3. To create and share reports that provide details for cases
  4. To transfer data to the workflow

Answer(s): C

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Mfc 10/23/2023 3:35:00 PM
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Only got thru 5 questions, need more to evaluate