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Indentify the four main types of roadmaps reviewed. (Choose four)

A. Download roadmap
B. Implementation roadmap
C. Solution management roadmap
D. Solution roadmap
E. Upgrade roadmap
F. Global template roadmap

Answer(s): B, C, E, F

SAP Solution Manager Monitoring relevant for the non-operation phase of your solution:

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

Answer(s): B

What are the components of the configuration transaction? (Choose six)

A. Configuration of IMG Objects
B. Development Items
C. Test Cases
D. Project Documentation
E. Configuration Templates
F. Training Materials
G. Graphics
H. Transaction Assignment
Answer(s): A, B, C, D, G, H

Which statements are correct in ref. to the responsible of PM using SolMan: (Choose four)

A. Giving daily updates on the technical direction of the project including communicating
deviations in the project
B. Organizing the entire project
C. Developing strategies and procedures for an efficient SAP implementation
D. Finalizing and managing the project scope, budget and deadlines in accordance with the
approved plans
E. Configuring the software to suit the required business processes and to meet analysis and
report requirements
F. Representing the project internal y and externally

Answer(s): B, C, D, F

Which statements are correct?

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