Free C_TADM55A_75 Exam Braindumps

The message service performs the following tasks in the Java cluster:(More than one answers are true)

  1. Guaranteed message transmission
  2. The applications can lock objects are release locks again.
  3. It manages the lock table in the main memory and receives requests for setting or releasing locks
  4. Forwarding of messages and requests to all participants (broadcast)
  5. Support for message server failover
  6. Communication between different services

Answer(s): A,D,E,F

Which of the following statements regarding the monitoring of an AS ABAP + Java system are true, when you are using a separate central monitoring system? Please choose the correct answer

  1. For monitoring an AS ABAP + Java-based SAP system, you will use the agent SAPCCMSR for monitoring the AS Java.
  2. The central monitoring system must be of a higher SAP release of the monitored SAP system.
  3. Central monitoring of AS ABAP + Java-based SAP systems can only be carried out using a separate AS ABAP + Java-based SAP system.
  4. The central monitoring system must have the System ID "CEN".

Answer(s): A

Your business requires data synchronization between one client (source client) in an AS ABAP-based SAP system (source system) and three different clients (target clients) in a second AS ABAP-based SAP system (target system).
How do you implement this requirement using RFC technology? Please choose the correct answer.

  1. Define three RFC connections to the source client in the target system.
  2. Define one broadcast RFC connection of type "M" (multiple targets) to the target system in the source system.
  3. Define three RFC connections to the target clients in the source system.
  4. Define RFC connections between the three clients in the target system.

Answer(s): C

what are database for SAP Fiori frontend? (Choose 3)

  1. SAP MaxDB
  3. My SQL
  5. MongoDB

Answer(s): A,B,D

What are all of the conditions that must be met for a user to have Access to a SAP Fiori application? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  1. Access to the Fiori Catalog so the user can add the file them self
  2. Access to the Fiori Group so the user can add the file them self
  3. Access to the Fiori Group
  4. Access to both the Fiori Catalog and the Fiori Group

Answer(s): A,D