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The message service performs the following tasks in the Java cluster:(More than one answers are true)

  1. Guaranteed message transmission
  2. The applications can lock objects are release locks again.
  3. It manages the lock table in the main memory and receives requests for setting or releasing locks
  4. Forwarding of messages and requests to all participants (broadcast)
  5. Support for message server failover
  6. Communication between different services

Answer(s): A,D,E,F

Which statements are correct? (More than one answers are true)

  1. web browser is the standard user interface for AS Java.
  2. Each server process in common buffer.
  3. The managers form the Java Enterprise Runtime.
  4. AS Java process consists of many threads and all request can be processed in one thread
  5. The nodes of AS Java are split into different functional modules called managers and services.

Answer(s): D,E

Which Typical Access Technology will use SAP ERP (with SAP ECC)? Please choose one correct answer

  1. SAP GUI for Windows (GUI = Graphical User Interface)
  2. Browser-based interface (different browsers possible) BEx Analyzer (additionally requires Excel on the front-end)
  3. SAP NetWeaver Business Client
  4. Browser-based interface (different browsers possible)

Answer(s): A


Which of the programming languages listed below are implemented platform-independently?

  1. C/C++
  2. ABAP
  3. Java
  4. Fortran

Answer(s): B

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Rodney 5/14/2020 3:33:37 PM
Finally I managed to pass my exam with help of this braindumps questions. I really did know these existed until last month!