Free C_TAW12_70 Braindumps

Identify the clause that is used in suppress sndard headers?

A. No Sndard Heading
B. No Sndard Page Heading
C. Suppress Sndard
D. System>List>Save

Answer(s): B

What appears in the sndard header of list?
(More than one answer is correct)

A. Page Number
B. User
C. Program title
D. Date
E. Underline

Answer(s): A, C, E

You have made change to an existing ble that conins da. What kes place when the Dabase
Conversion utility is executed?
(More than one answer is correct)

A. Da in the ble is automatical y deleted and must be reloaded
B. The ble in the dabase is renamed and eventual y deleted
C. The indexes for the ble needs to manual y be reconstructed in the ABAP Dictionary
D. The revised ble in the ABAP/4 Dictionary is activated
E. The ble in the dabase is recreated

Answer(s): B, D, E

After a READ LINE on a List, what happens to the HIDE da?

A. Nothing, the da remains in the hidden area
B. The hide da is restored to shared memory
C. The Hide da is not available to the program
D. It is transferred back to the fields defined in the program

Answer(s): D

Which of the following short programs wil not display the text "SY-LSIND= 1" during interactive


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