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  • Updated On: 26-Sep-2020

What happens when a default payment method for customers is changed in the General

A. Any new customer master records will default to this payment method, but existing
records wil not change.
B. New and existing customer master records wil automatical y receive this payment
C. When a new customer master record is created, a pop up box will appear with a choice of
available payment methods listed in General Settings.
D. When a new customer master record is created, the default payment method is assigned
and cannot be changed.

Answer(s): A

The sales manager wants to be informed when a sales employee issues an order that would
produce a gross profit less than 25%. However, he does not want the sales process to be
What is the easiest way to implement this?

A. Use an alert with a predefined condition for gross profit deviation.
B. Schedule the Sales Analysis report to run when the gross profit is below the threshold.
C. Add a user-defined field to the sales order document, with a query to report when the
gross profit is less than 25%.
D. Use an approval procedure with a predefined condition for gross profit deviation.

Answer(s): A

During Business Blueprint, the customer indicated they want to run perpetual inventory with
moving average valuation method. They went into production a week ago and they now
want some existing products to use standard cost valuation instead. How can this be

A. The moving average valuation method is only a default, and can be changed to standard
cost for an item at any time.
B. Once an item has been imported into SAP Business One, the valuation method is fixed
and the items must be deleted and re-imported to change the method.
C. As long as there are no open transactions and there is no inventory for the item, they can
change the valuation method.
D. They can move the items to an item group with the standard cost valuation method. This
automatically changes the valuation method.

Answer(s): C

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