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Topic 3, BEx Query Designer

What is the result of setting the "constant selection" property in the Extended tab of a restricted
key figure?

A. Navigation and filters wil affect the restricted key figure.
B. Navigation wil affect the result of the restricted key figure, filters will have no effect.
C. Filters wil change the result of the restricted key figure, navigation wil have no effect.
D. Navigation and filters wil not affect the restricted key figure.

Answer(s): D
You use BEx Query Designer to create a query with the characteristic "Material" in the rows and
the key figure "Sales Volume" in the columns. Now you create an exception (Bad 3, Critical 2
and Good 1) and activate it. After executing the query, all values under Sales Volume are
colored. You now edit the exception and click the Exception Only Affects Results button.
What happens in the report?

A. No report records are colored.
B. Only the Bad 3 values are colored.
C. Only the overall result of the Sales Volume key figure is colored.
D. The exception is deactivated automatical y.

Answer(s): C
Which variable type can use the processing type "replacement path"? (Choose three)

A. Formula variable
B. Hierarchy variable
C. Hierarchy node variable
D. Characteristic value variable
E. Text variable

Answer(s): A, D, E
What is the difference between navigation attributes and display attributes in a BEx Query

A. Navigation attributes cannot be used in restricted key figures, display attributes can.
B. Navigation attributes can be used in formulas, display attributes cannot.
C. Navigation attributes behave like characteristics, display attributes do not.
D. Navigation attributes cannot be filtered, display attributes can.

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