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Answer(s): C
What is a characteristic of reusable query objects such as calculated key figures?

A. Reusable objects can be changed without affecting other queries unless you set them as "to
be changed".
B. Reusable objects are saved on an InfoProvider and can be used in all queries on that
C. Reusable objects are automatically set as "reusable" in the object properties dialog box.
D. Reusable objects are stored directly in either the fact table or master data of the underlying

Answer(s): B
Which of the following combinations of structures can you create in BEx Query Designer?
(Choose two)

A. 1 characteristic structure and 2 key figure structures
B. 1 characteristic structure and 1 characteristic structure
C. 1 characteristic structure and 1 key figure structure
D. 1 key figure structure and 1 key figure structure

Answer(s): B, C
Which InfoObjects can you use when creating BEx Queries? (Choose two)

A. Hierarchies
B. Structures
C. Filters
D. Characteristics
E. Key figures

Answer(s): D, E
What is the purpose of an "Exception" in Query Designer?

A. To highlight data based on characteristic values
B. To highlight data based on key figure values
C. To hide data that does not meet threshold criteria
D. To filter on measure values

Answer(s): B

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