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Topic 4, BEx Web Application Designer

How do portal themes affect Web templates at runtime?

A. They change the representation of the Web items on the Layout tab.
B. They apply formatting styles to the Web items in the Web application.
C. They overwrite the CSS attributes of individual y changed Web items.
D. They align the Web items as defined in the theme.

Answer(s): B
Which tasks can you perform by using URL parameters in BEx Web Application Designer?
(Choose two)

A. Change filter values.
B. Change Web item properties.
C. Change the authorization user.
D. Change the applied portal theme.

Answer(s): A, B
Which BW sources supply data to a BEx Web application? (Choose three)

A. BEx Queries
B. BWA indexes
C. Fact tables
D. InfoProviders
E. BEx Query views

Answer(s): A, D, E
What can you use to align different Web items side by side?

A. Overview tab
B. Group Web item
C. Container item
D. HTML table

Answer(s): D
Which types of objects can you target with commands in BEx Web Application Designer?

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