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? Afer saving this as a variant, add an appropriate T (Table) variable for the posting date on the
Variant Atributes screen.

Answer(s): B
A customer wants to use document splitting to enable balance sheets by segments. How do you
set up the document split? (Choose two)

A. Assign the splitting method to the transaction variant.
B. Define a non-leading ledger for the split documents.
C. Assign all document types to business transactions and business transaction variants.
D. Define splitting rules.

Answer(s): C, D
Which object do you have to Activate to maintain profit centers directly in Asset Accounting with
all business functions for New General Ledger Accounting Activated?

A. Profit Center Reorganization
B. Segment Reorganization
C. Profit Center Update Scenario
D. Segment Reporting

Answer(s): D
When dealing with financial statement versions (FSVs), how do you ensure that the
requirements of the various target groups (for example auditors, tax authorites, and banks) are

A. Create one FSV and enhance it with different sets of notes.
B. Create one FSV and then save different variants based on the needs of the various groups.
C. Create different versions of the same FSV.
D. Create different FSVs based on the needs of the target group.

Answer(s): D
Down payments can be posted using a special G/L transaction. What is the main benefit of this

A. It automatical y creates the final invoice and clears down payments against it.
B. It automatical y clears down payment requests.
C. It posts down payments to a reconciliation account that is different from that of ordinary
payables and receivables.
D. It shows data in the appendix of the balance sheet.

Answer(s): C

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