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Your customer's Accounting department informs you that the company issues checks. They
need to easily differentate payments made by check. How can you facilitate this requirement?

A. Create an additional field in the coding block called Check.
B. Use the payment method for checks.
C. Use the payment term for checks.
D. Customize a line item report that filters data according to the text field, and instruct users to
enter the word "Check" in the field when entering such payments.

Answer(s): B
Your chief accountant would like to display company-owned cars separately in the balance
sheet. These cars were previously included in the asset class "factory and office equipment".
What do you have to configure?

A. Create a new asset class, but use the same account determination.
B. Create a new account determination, but no new asset class.
C. Create evaluation groups to subdivide all assets of the class.
D. Create a new asset class and a new account determination.

Answer(s): D
Which of the following are the main components of a drilldown report?

A. Characteristics and key figures
B. Characteristics and variables
C. Variables and general selection criteria
D. Variables and key figures

Answer(s): A
Your customer wants to access line items for individual P/L accounts without leaving the
balance sheet and P/L display. What do you recommend?

A. Activate the Line Item Display flag in the financial statement version.
B. Use a drilldown report.
C. Use the standard Financial Statements (RFBILA00) report.
D. Run a line item report.

Answer(s): B
You have been asked to showcase the "asset sale with customer" scenario in the next blueprint
workshop meeting. What do you have to consider when posting an asset sale? (Choose two)

A. You must specify the asset value date.
B. You must post the sale against an asset that has an acquisition.

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