Free C_THR12_65 Braindumps

D. Position
E. User

Answer(s): A, B, D
Which groupings are used to define the most important control indicators for Time and Payroll?

A. Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea
B. Personnel Area and Employee Group
C. Personnel Subarea and Employee Subgroup
D. Employee Group and Employee Subgroup

Answer(s): C
What does the assigned payroll area on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment) determine for an employee?

A. Pay date and pay frequency
B. Pay frequency and paid holidays
C. Paid holidays and pay date
D. Payrol schema and period parameter

Answer(s): A
An administrator needs to change the planned working time for an employee. The temporary new work
schedule is different from the working time associated with any existing work schedule rule or any daily
work schedules.

Which substitution element would you populate on IT2003 (Substitutions)?

A. New working time
B. New work schedule rule
C. Different holiday calendar
D. Different payment according to position

Answer(s): A
You have two time administrators. Both use the Time Manager's Workplace. One maintains time entries
and runs time evaluation while the other should only maintain time entries.
How can you ensure that each time administrator only has access to the functions they require?
(Choose two.)

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