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In provisioning for your customer's instance you select the 'Assign default required field values for new users if none specified' option You want to import a compensation-specific user data file (UDF).
Which columns are required.Note. There are 2 correct answers to this question.


Answer(s): A,C

What happens to compensation forms when the currency conversion table is updated during the planning period?

  1. In-progress forms are only affected when Update All Worksheets is run
  2. Change is dynamic to in-progress forms
  3. In-progress forms are NOT affected
  4. Only completed forms ate affected

Answer(s): B

A customer is using the Standard Manager hierarchy and would like the following approval process:/ 1.Planning Manager/
2.Next Level Manager/
3.Reward Team member who launched the forms. How will you set this up in the Route Map?

  1. Employee - Manager - User
  2. Manager - Manager s Manager - Originator
  3. Employee - Manager - Originator
  4. Manager - Manager s Manager - User

Answer(s): C

A customer would like percentage fields to only show decimal places if they are available. For example 40 00% should display as 40%,but if the percentage calculation is 40.54%. they want to display the decimal places.What number format should you use?

  1. defAmountFormat # ##0
  2. defPercentFormat #
  3. defPercentFormat #00
  4. defPercentFormat #

Answer(s): C

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