Free C_THR95_1911 Exam Braindumps

Your customer wants to allow users to assess their competencies against the Future Role competencies. What feature do you use?

  1. Development goals
  2. Career Path
  3. Readiness meter
  4. Role readiness form

Answer(s): C

A user gets an error when clicking Development from the Home drop-down. What could be the problem?

  1. Goal Creation permission was not given to the E role.
  2. The user did not create goals on time on the Development Plan.
  3. The user was not permissioned to view any Development Plans.
  4. Permissions for Goal Access were not granted to the user.

Answer(s): C

You need to make changes to the fields in the Career Worksheet. How do you export the Career Worksheet template?

  1. Navigate to Provisioning and find the Managing Project Team Templates.
  2. Go to Admin Center and click Form Template Settings.
  3. Go to Admin Center and click Manage Templates.
  4. Navigate to Provisioning and find the Managing Plan Template.

Answer(s): D

Where do you limit access to specific career paths?

Please choose the correct answer.

  1. Configure Object Definitions > Permission Category
  2. Configure Object Definitions > Security Section
  3. Role-based Permissions > Restrict target population
  4. Role-based Permissions > Field Level Overrides

Answer(s): C

What is the functionality of the Career Development Plan (CDP) Access Permission?

  1. It gives users access to Manage Career Paths.
  2. It permissions users to access Development under the Home drop-down.
  3. It gives users the ability to add goals to their Development Plans.
  4. It allows users to rate themselves on competencies.

Answer(s): B