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What are some of the steps that can be added to a process using the Process Variant Manager? 3 Correct ANS:

  1. New Hire Verification
  2. Create New Hire Tasks
  3. Additional on boarding Data Collection
  4. New Employee
  5. Document Flow

Answer(s): B,C,E

Transfer events are created only for changes made to which Employee Central entities? 2 Correct ANS

  1. workPermistInfo
  2. payComponentRecurring
  3. compInfo
  4. jobInfo

Answer(s): C,D

What are the requirements for activating only Enable Print Forms Generation in Provisioning 2 Correct ANS:

  1. API Credentials
  2. Enable Document Generation
  3. Enable Document Management Services
  4. Print Forms Service URL

Answer(s): A,D

How many Hired or Hirable statuses are allowed in recruiting for integration with ONB2.0?

  1. There can be up to 3 Hired or Hirable statuses for each Application template
  2. There should be a status for each Job requisition template
  3. There must be only one Hirable and Hired status
  4. There should be a status for each Offer Letter available

Answer(s): C

Free C_THR97_2005 Exam Questions & Answers


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