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Answer(s): A, C, D
You want to differentiate transportation requirement types in a newly installed SAP TM system
based on SAP ERP document types. What do you need to create in SAP TM?

A. A condition based on /SCMTMS/TOR_TYPE
B. A condition based on /SCMTMS/OTR_TYPE
C. A condition based on /SCMTMS/DTR_TYPE
D. A condition based on /SCMTMS/FUBR

Answer(s): A, B
What are generated in SAP ERP and transferred to SAP TM as requirements for planning in the
context of shipping?

A. Seamless integration.
B. Discrete manufacturing.
C. Sales orders.
D. SAP Manufacturing

Answer(s): C
You have defined several means of transport (MT) combinations.
If food is loaded on the truck, you cannot transport hazardous goods in a coupled trailer.
Furthemlore, these hazardous goods cannot be transported on certain means of transport.
Which of the following incompatibility types do you use to model this scenario?

A. FU - FU (vehicle level)
B. FU -Vehicle resource
C. FU - FU (MT combination level)
D. FU - FU (compartment level)

Answer(s): A, D
In which document types can you enable cost distribution in SAP TM?

A. Forwarding settlement document
B. Freight order
C. Freight unit
D. Freight settlement document

Answer(s): B, D

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