Free C_TM_95 Braindumps

A. Shipping Point
B. Supply Area
C. Material
D. Customer

Answer(s): A, C, D
What is maintained in the ERP system, from where it is transferred to SAP TM as locations and
business partners using the SAP Core Interface (GIF)?

A. The processing of the dangerous.
B. You can use the dangerous.
C. The customer and supplier master data.
D. The output of error

Answer(s): C
What is a point-to-point connection option using Web Services?

A. E-Commerce software
B. Top rated
D. Hybris delivers

Answer(s): C
Transportation resources are instances of means of transport that allow detailed planning to
take place, taking availability, suitability or various restrictions into account. Resources must be
created in SAP TM. A vehicle resource always represents a specific vehicle, for example:

A. Unloading forklift with a capacity of 100 tons per hour.
B. For purchase orders, source locations are stored on item level.
C. Double-axis truck with maximum number of 20 pal ets. 12 tons weight capacity, 37 m3.

Answer(s): A, C
What is automatically determined based on the object being transferred from ERP when
location data is created via the CIF.

A. MES Access
B. Give operators
C. Intuitive mobile

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