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D. The location type

Answer(s): D
How is the freight order type determined for a freight unit that you convert to a freight order
using Direct Shipment Options?

A. Based on the freight order type maintained in the corresponding freight unit type
B. Based on the freight order type from a dropdown list
C. Based on the freight order type in the freight unit building rule
D. Based on the freight order type maintained in a condition in the planning profile

Answer(s): A
What is accomplished with either SAP PI or Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM)?

A. Optimizes warehouse resource and asset utilization
B. Maximizes visibility and control
C. SAP ERP logistics integration
D. Supports a full range of warehouse processes

Answer(s): C
You have defined the transportation zone hierarchy shown in the attached screenshot. Which
transportation lanes can you use for a transport that originates in transportation zone 4 and
ends in transportation zone 5?

A. 2->3
B. 4->1
C. 5->4
D. 1->5
E. 2->1

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