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system as well.
These enterprise business functions are as follows:

A. SCM_EHS_DG_CI_1 (EH&S Services: Dangerous goods EHP 801) - Most of the APO
transactions have SAP TM specific transaction codes. These transactions have additional data
for TM or APO specific data has been removed.
B. For purchase orders, destination locations are stored on item level.
C. SCM_EM_CONTENT01 (EM, Visibility process for external TM systems EHP 801) - This
business function allows you to monitor different event handler types, for example, freight units
and freight orders.
D. SCM_EM_HIGHVOL (EM Archiving and Web Interface Improvements EHP 801)-Your
business can use this feature
in high volume processing and archiving.

Answer(s): A, C, D
You have transferred an SAP ERP sales order to SAP TM. An order-based transportation
requirement (OTR) was created which automatically created a freight unit.
You now create an SAP ERP outbound delivery for the sales order which is also automatically
transferred to SAP TM to create a delivery-based transportation requirement (DTR).
How does this affect the associated documents in SAP TM?

A. The OTR is blocked for planning
B. The OTR is consumed
C. The existing freight unit is canceled and a new freight unit is created
D. The freight unit is reassigned from the OTR to the DTR

Answer(s): B, D
What is master data, whether it is created for a one-time purchase or as a partner with whom
your organization engages continuously?

A. Movements
B. Managing inventory .
C. The vendor master
D. The system integrates

Answer(s): C
You have created an air forwarding order using shipping type 'ULD'. What is the correct item
hierarchy for this forwarding order?

A. Container -> Service -> Package
B. Container -> Package -> Package
C. Package --> Product -> Service

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