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D. Container -> Product -> Package

Answer(s): B
Which settings can be maintained in a control key?

A. Outbound Delivery to SAP TM
B. Purchase order to SAP TM
C. Sales order Scheduling --Active
D. TM Number

Answer(s): A, B, C
On the Document Flow tab, check whether a freight unit was created?

A. Verify that a freight unit has been created.
B. Open the Document Flow tab.
C. Optimize resource planning, scheduling, and allocation to boost service profitability
D. Adjust workforce schedules on the fly to keep up with changes in demand

Answer(s): A, B
Logistics service providers (LSPs or 3PLs) can also receive transportation requirements. For
transportation service providers (TSP) and logistics service providers (LSP), forwarding orders
are created in one of two ways - manual y, using the SAP TM Ul, or through integration with an
external system via electronic data interchange (EDI).
The following are transportation management triggers:

A. Sales order returns
B. locations are stored on root level.
C. Purchase orders
D. Purchase order returns
E. Sales orders

Answer(s): A, C, D, E
What is stored for each business partner role?

A. Instead
B. As a copy of an existing forwarding order
C. From the order management overview
D. Specific data

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