Free C_TS410_1809 Exam Braindumps

What activities can an employee complete using employee self-service? There are THREE correct answers for this Question.

  1. Update banking information
  2. Perform compensation planning
  3. Enroll in a training course
  4. Enter work times
  5. Recruit employees

Answer(s): A,C,D

Which step in the order to cash business process integrates with profitability analysis?

  1. Saving a transfer order
  2. Creating an outbound delivery
  3. Generating a sales order
  4. Generating a invoice

Answer(s): D

What can be assigned to a profit center?
There are THREE correct answers for this Question

  1. Material
  2. Company code
  3. Asset
  4. Organizational unit
  5. Operating concern

Answer(s): A,C,E

In what step of the purchase-to-pay process is a purchase requisition generated?

  1. Determination of requirements
  2. Vendor selection
  3. Source of supply determination
  4. Invoice verification

Answer(s): A

What type of document is generated for an external network activity?

  1. Sales order
  2. Purchase requisition
  3. Planned order
  4. Reservation

Answer(s): B