Free C_TSCM42_64 Exam Braindumps

The company you advise wants to carry out the material availability check automatically in the production order at various points in time. Which of the following options would you recommend? (Choose two.)

  1. Goods receipt for the product produced with the order
  2. Creation of the production order
  3. Confirmation of the operation that the materials being checked are assigned to
  4. Release of the production order
  5. Goods receipt for a missing part

Answer(s): B,D

Which of the following aspects characterize repetitive manufacturing in a manufacturing plant? (Choose three.)

  1. Period-based planning of the quantities to be produced
  2. Automatic line loading by capacity limits across all production lines
  3. Continuous material consumption, production flow and output
  4. Production without using production orders and without status management
  5. Shop fabrication

Answer(s): A,C,D

A customer has been using planning strategies 30 (production by lots) and 10 (anonymous maketo-stock production) in SAP ECC. The customer wishes to move in part to planning strategy 40
(planning with final assembly). The issue of consumption has an effect here for the first time.

Which properties apply for consumption with planning strategy 40? (Choose two.)

  1. Consumption can lead to an increase of the originally planned overall production quantity.
  2. Consumption can result in the subsequent specification and adjustment of planning elements in terms of quantity and date, by means of customer orders that arrive.
  3. Consumption can reduce the originally planned production quantity.
  4. Consumption creates a static and binding assignment, between the planned independent requirements recorded in advance and the customer requirements that arrive, for the entire procurement process.

Answer(s): A,B

Which of the following activities is necessary for the capacity availability check to be carried out automatically when a production order is released?

  1. Activate the availability check and assign a checking rule to the work center for the operation to be checked.
  2. Activate the availability check and assign the check control to the plant.
  3. Activate the availability check and assign an overall profile in check control for the business function order release.
  4. Activate the availability check and assign an availability checking group to the material master for the product to be produced.

Answer(s): C

A new material with the following properties is to be recorded in SAP ECC. the material is kept in stock, is externally procured, and is used as a component in the bills of material for various final products. However, this material may not be purchased directly.

Which standard SAP material type would you use?

  1. HAWA (trading good)
  2. FERT (finished product)
  3. NLAG (non-stock material)
  4. ROH (raw material)

Answer(s): D