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The availability check (ATP) is carried out based on which of the following dates?

A. The material availability date
B. The transportation planning date
C. The goods issue date
D. The loading date

Answer(s): A
In the system, it is possible to have zero stock available and stil receive a confirmed schedule
line in the sales order. Which of the following states the reason for this confirmation?

A. Stock wil be taken from another delivery at the shipping point.
B. The system automatically searches other plants for inventory and transfers this inventory to
the plant with zero inventory in the sales order.
C. The availability check that was carried out included a replenishment lead time in the scope of
D. A stock transfer will be created by inventory management when you save the sales order.

Answer(s): C
During sales order processing, a user will be alerted when stock is not available for material
entered in the sales order if the availability check was carried out. In which of the following ways
wil the user be alerted about this situation?

A. An error message wil appear on the status bar alerting the user to the situation.
B. The schedule line wil be marked and highlighted by the system.
C. The availability control screen will be displayed.
D. The incompletion log wil display the unconfirmed schedule line as a missing field.

Answer(s): C
Which of the following elements can directly influence whether an availability check will be
performed? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A. The schedule line category in the sales document
B. The item category in the delivery document
C. The check group in the material master
D. The item category in the sales document
E. The sales document type

Answer(s): A, B, C

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