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the reference number.
B. Using the sales order number as the reference number wil lead to a posting block. You wil have to
release bil ing documents for transfer to FI.
C. Using the sales order number as a reference number could lead to an invoice split.
D. You have to maintain copy control entries from order-related bil ing documents to FI accounting
Answer(s): C
Which of the following criteria influence the shipping point determination in the sales document? (Choose
A. Plant
B. Shipping condition
C. Transportation group
D. Loading group
E. Storage condition
Answer(s): A, B, D
How do the condition type and condition records for rebate agreements vary in comparison to condition
types and records for standard discounts? (Choose two)

A. In the maintenance of scales
B. In the maintenance of accrual rates within condition records
C. In the usage of different calculation types
D. In the usage of different condition classes
Answer(s): B, D
Based on which of the following dates is the availability check (ATP) carried out?

A. Requested delivery date
B. Replenishment lead date
C. Material availability date
D. Goods issue date
Answer(s): C
Which of the following actions are part of the configuration of the material determination function?
(Choose three)

A. Assign the material determination procedure to a sales document type.
B. Define the substitution reason that determines whether a manual or automatic substitution process
should be used.
C. Assign the material determination procedure to a sales area.
D. Specify the relevant substitution reason in the access sequence.
E. Define condition tables in Customizing (IMG).
Answer(s): A, B, E

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