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D. Each sales organization is uniquely assigned to one company code.
Answer(s): C, D
For what purposes can you use transaction variants? (Choose two)

A. To enable default values for data fields in a user-defined transaction
B. To add new external fields to the sales document
C. To hide fields in a sales order
D. To modify the layout of a report
Answer(s): A, C
What is the purpose of using bil ing due lists? (Choose two)

A. To release orders that are blocked for bil ing
B. To process sales orders and deliveries that are due for bil ing
C. To periodical y create billing documents
D. To initiate a dunning run in financials
Answer(s): B, C
Which complaint request document is created with a mandatory reference to a bil ing document?

A. Returns
B. Advanced returns request
C. Credit memo request
D. Invoice correction request
Answer(s): D
A customer is to be bil ed on the last day of every month, regardless of when the order and the delivery
are processed.
Which procedure fulfills this requirement?

A. Maintain a factory calendar with a single date per month and assign it to the customer master record of
the payer.
B. Maintain a bil ing date profile and assign it to the sales document type.
C. Maintain a customer-specific billing due list variant and schedule a periodic job.
D. Use the condition technique and assign a billing date determination profile to the customer master
record of the payer.
Answer(s): A
As a member of the project team, you are asked to set up the system so that user has to enter an order
reason when processing a sales order. It should be possible to save the incomplete order, but further
processing should not be possible until the Order Reason field is filled.
How do you implement this requirement?

A. You define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and mark it as mandatory.
B. You define an incompletion procedure with the Order Reason field and assign a status group in which

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