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Answer(s): A, B
Your company decided to change the price of a material and wants to keep a pricing history.
How can you update the condition records?

A. Change the price within the sales order to update the condition record.
B. Change the pricing condition record.
C. Create a new pricing condition record using a template.
D. Change the price using the update function of the condition type.
Answer(s): C
Which of the following standard indicators influence the pricing procedure determination in a sales

A. Plant and customer pricing procedure
B. Account assignment group and material pricing procedure
C. Division and material pricing procedure
D. Distribution channel and customer pricing procedure
Answer(s): D
If the material entered in the sales order is not available, how is the user alerted to this situation?

A. The incompletion log displays the unconfirmed schedule line as a missing field.
B. The availability control screen is displayed.
C. The schedule line is marked and highlighted by the system.
D. An error message appears on the status bar alerting the user to the situation.
Answer(s): B
Your finance team wants sales revenues for customers of affiliated companies to be posted to a different
sales revenue account in the general ledger.
Which of the following steps are required? (Choose three)

A. Maintain the requested sales revenue account directly in the payer's customer master record.
B. Assign the predefined account assignment group to the customer master for all customers of affiliated
C. Create and assign the account key of affiliated companies directly in the payer's customer master
D. Assign the affected sales revenue account to the key combination in Customizing that includes the
account assignment group field.
E. Assign an access that includes the account assignment group as a key field within the access
sequence used for account determination.
Answer(s): B, D, E
You want to restrict the materials a customer can order.
What do you use to achieve this?

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