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Answer(s): D
Your company wants to have a new condition record for freight costs. The condition type should consider
the gross weight of al the order items and handle the following scale:

From 0 kg - 8 EUR
From 1 kg - 12 EUR
From 5 kg - 16 EUR
From 10 kg - 20 EUR
Which of the following do you have to configure in the condition type to meet this requirement? (Choose

A. Set the Exclusion indicator to net price.
B. Set the calculation type to fixed amount.
C. Select the Header condition checkbox.
D. Select the Group condition checkbox.
Answer(s): B, D

What is the purpose of the moving price or standard price in the Accounting view in the material master?
(Choose two)

A. To determine the value that is used for the accounting document when posting goods issue
B. To display the average net sales price of this material during the last year
C. To define the value that is used when posting the receivables for a customer ordering this material
D. To display statistical information for the costs in the pricing environment of a sales order
Answer(s): A, D
Which of the following elements can directly influence whether an availability check will be performed?
(Choose two)

A. The schedule line category in the sales document
B. The delivery type
C. The check group in the material master
D. The item category in the sales document
Answer(s): A, C
What do you need to consider when you want to use bills of material (BOMs) in a sales order? (Choose

A. The sales document type controls whether bills of material relevant to sales are to be exploded in the
sales document or not.
B. Bil s of material are exploded in the sales document as main items and subitems, based on the
configuration of the main item category.
C. The bil of material must be created by selecting BOM usage "Sales and distribution."
D. The depth of the explosion of bil s of material in the sales document is controlled by specifying the
explosion level in the master record for the bill of material.
Answer(s): B, C

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