Free SPLK-3003 Exam Braindumps

How does Monitoring Console (MC) initially identify the server role(s) of a new Splunk Instance?

  1. The MC uses a REST endpoint to query the server.
  2. Roles are manually assigned within the MC.
  3. Roles are read from distsearch.conf.
  4. The MC assigns all possible roles by default.

Answer(s): C

When can the Search Job Inspector be used to debug searches?

  1. If the search has not expired.
  2. If the search is currently running.
  3. If the search has been queued.
  4. If the search has expired.

Answer(s): A


Where are Splunk Data Model Acceleration (DMA) summaries stored?

  1. In tstatsHomePath
  2. In the .tsidx files.
  3. In summaryHomePath
  4. In journal.gz

Answer(s): A


Which of the following statements is true, as it pertains to search head clustering (SHC)?

  1. SHC is supported on AIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems.
  2. Maximum number of nodes for a SHC is 10.
  3. SHC members must run on the same hardware specifications.
  4. Minimum number of nodes for a SHC is 5.

Answer(s): B

In preparation for the deployment of a new environment for a customer, which of the following mappings are correct per PS best practices?

Answer(s): B