Free OG0-091 Exam Braindumps

According to TOGAF, which of the following are the architecture domains that are commonly accepted subsets of an overall enterprise architecture?

  1. Application, Business, Data, Technology
  2. Capability, Segment, Strategic
  3. Context, Definition, Governance, Transformation
  4. Definition, Realization, Transition, Vision

Answer(s): A

Which of the following best describes a purpose of the Business Scenarios technique?

  1. To catch errors in a project architecture early
  2. To guide decision making throughout the enterprise
  3. To help identify and understand requirements
  4. To highlight shortfalls between the baseline and target architectures
  5. To mitigate risk when implementing an architecture project

Answer(s): C

TOGAF Part VII, Architecture Capability Framework recommends use of an ADM cycle for establishing an architecture practice. In this scenario which architecture would describe the organizational structure for the architecture practice?

  1. Application Architecture
  2. Business Architecture
  3. Data Architecture
  4. Technology Architecture

Answer(s): B

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Architecture Vision?

  1. It contains an assessment of the current architecture requirements
  2. It defines the scope and approach to complete an architecture project
  3. It is sent from the sponsor and triggers the start of an architecture development cycle
  4. It provides a high-level aspirational view of the end architecture project
  5. It provides a schedule for implementation of the target architecture

Answer(s): D

According to TOGAF, Which document should incorporate the actions arising from the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment technique?

  1. Architecture Road map
  2. Architecture Requirements Specification
  3. Communications Plan
  4. Implementation and Migration Plan
  5. Implementation Governance Model

Answer(s): D