Free OG0-093 Exam Braindumps

Which of the following TOGAF components was created to enable architects to design architectures addressing Boundaryless Information Flow?

  1. The Architecture Repository
  2. The Enterprise Continuum
  3. The Integrated Information Infrastructure Model
  4. The TOGAF Technical Reference Model

Answer(s): C

Complete the sentence. The Business Transformation Readiness Assessment technique is primarily focused on

  1. determining if the organization is ready to accept change
  2. planning the migration steps needed to achieve the transformation
  3. ensuring that there are adequate trained developers and engineers to implement the solution
  4. ensuring that there is sufficient financial capacity to execute the desired transformation
  5. determining if there is adequate stakeholder support for the implementation process

Answer(s): A

The Requirements Management Phase is responsible for which one of the following activities?

  1. Addressing requirements
  2. Disposal of resolved requirements
  3. Generating requirements
  4. Managing the flow of requirements
  5. Prioritizing requirements

Answer(s): D

In the Preliminary Phase, which of the following drives the requirements and performance metrics when scoping the enterprise architecture work?

  1. Architecture governance
  2. Business imperatives
  3. Solution architecture
  4. Service level agreements
  5. Time horizon

Answer(s): B

Which one of the following is an objective of the Preliminary Phase of the ADM?

  1. To define, scope and prioritize architecture tasks
  2. To define the architecture principles
  3. To develop a Target Business Architecture
  4. To obtain management commitment for this cycle of the ADM
  5. To prioritize work packages

Answer(s): B