Free 1V0-21.20 Exam Braindumps

An administrator needs to upgrade the guest operating system installed in a virtual machine. The administrator wants to safely ensure that the selected operating system is supported by ESXi. Which action should the administrator take to meet this goal?

  1. Perform a guest OS and product search In the VMware Compatibility Guide.
  2. Look in the guest OS version drop-down menu of the VM.
  3. Snapshot the VM before performing the operating system upgrade.
  4. Check the web page of the guest operating system vendor.

Answer(s): C

An administrator has observed an alert message in the vSphere UI related to a host's storage sensor hardware. Where should the administrator look for more information related to this alert?

  1. Menu > Lifecycle Manager > Baselines
  2. Host > Monitor > Skyline Health
  3. Host > Monitor > Hardware Health > Storage Sensors
  4. Host > Monitor > Hardware Health > System Event Log

Answer(s): D

Which configuration setting ensures that virtual networks on a virtual switch are isolated from each other?

  1. Port ID
  2. Network Label
  3. Security Policy
  4. VLAN ID

Answer(s): A

An administrator needs to separate traffic of virtual machine live migrations from all other traffic. Which TCP/IP stack meets this requirement?

  1. Fault Tolerance logging TCP/IP stack
  2. Provisioning TCP/IP stack
  3. vMotion TCP/IP stack
  4. Management TCP/IP stack

Answer(s): C

Which two vSphere features help address an organization's business availability challenges? (Choose two.)

  1. vSphere Fault Tolerance
  2. vSphere Pod Service
  3. vSphere DPM
  4. vSphere Trust Authority
  5. vSphere High Availability

Answer(s): A,E