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Using vSphere HA Orchestrated Restart an administrator places the most mission critical VM in the highest priority. After a host failure, the highest priority VM fails to restart while VMs in high priority restart. What would cause this to occur?

  1. VMware Tools is not installed.
  2. Proactive HA is disabled.
  3. There are insufficient cluster resources.
  4. Performance degradation VMs tolerate threshold is at default.

Answer(s): A

A VM is experiencing inconsistent network connectivity between two ESXi hosts connecting to the same physical switches. The effect of the inconsistency is this:

vMotion from host 1 to host 2, network connection is down
vMotion from host 2 to host 1, network connection is up
vMotion from host 1 to host 2, network connection is up

The vSphere administrator wants to ensure the physical switches connecting to the ESXi are configured correctly.

How can this be accomplished?

  1. Use Network Health Check to verify the VLAN trunks on VSS
  2. Use vSphere Health Check to verify on MTU settings on VDS
  3. Use Network Health Check to verify the VLAN trunks on VDS
  4. Use Network Health Check to verify MTU settings on VSS

Answer(s): B

Which policy is used for intelligent optimization of network interface traffic on a vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)?

  1. Route Based on Source MAC Hash
  2. Route Based on IP Hash
  3. Rout Based on Originating Virtual Port
  4. Route Based on Physical NIC Load

Answer(s): D

How should an administrator assign a user the Administrator permission without encryption-related rights?

  1. Grant the user the Administrator role.
  2. Grant the user the No Cryptography Administrator role.
  3. Grant the user No Access role on encrypted VMs.
  4. Grant the user the Virtual Machine Power User role.

Answer(s): B

Free 2V0-21.19 PSE Exam Questions & Answers


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