Free 2V0-41.19 Exam Braindumps

Which two commands are used to query the arp-table of a logical switch? (Choose two.)

  1. get logical-switch arp-table <logical-switch-uuid>
  2. get logical-switch <logical-switch-uuid> arp-table
  3. get logical-switch <vni> arp-table
  4. get logical-switch arp-table <vni>
  5. get logical-switch arp-table

Answer(s): B,C


Which three steps must be taken to assign a new IP address to a member of a NSX Management Cluster that was deployed manually? (Choose three.)

  1. Delete NSX Manager VM
  2. Change IP address of NSX Manager in vApp Properties
  3. Execute detach node <node-id> from the NSX Manager CLI
  4. Deploy new NSX Manager VM
  5. Delete NSX Management cluster member from NSX Simplified UI

Answer(s): A,B,C

What is required to configure a load balancer in inline mode?

  1. DNAT
  2. SNAT
  3. Client and server connected to different Tier-1 Gateways
  4. Client and server running on different transport nodes

Answer(s): B

Which NSX CLI command is used to check the GENEVE tunnel status on ESXi transport node?

  1. get host-switch <Host-Switch-Name> tunnels
  2. get host-switch <Host-Switch-Name> tunnel status
  3. get transport-node tunnel state
  4. get transport-node tunnel status

Answer(s): A

In a NSX-T Data Center environment, an administrator is observing low throughput and congestion between the Tier-0 Gateway and the upstream physical routers. Which two actions could address low throughput and congestion? (Choose two.)

  1. Configure a Tier-1 gateway and connect it directly to the physical routers.
  2. Configure ECMP on the Tier-0 gateway.
  3. Configure NAT on the Tier-0 gateway.
  4. Deploy Large size Edge node/s
  5. Add an additional vNIC to the NSX Edge node.

Answer(s): B,D