Free 5V0-31.20 Exam Braindumps

Which role is required to edit backup configuration in SDDC Manager?

  3. ADMIN

Answer(s): A

Which two statements accurately characterize vSphere Pods? (Choose two )

  1. A vSphere Pod is the smallest building block of vSphere with Tanzu that can run containerized applications.
  2. A vSphere Pod can run only one container, and the minimum number of vSphere Pods in a cluster is three pods.
  3. A vSphere Pod is just a VM that runs a minimal version of Photon OS and container runtime on top of it.
  4. A vSphere Pod is a Kubemetes pod that runs on Tanzu Kubemetes Cluster
  5. A vSphere Pod can use normal vSphere Standard Switch and vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer(s): A,D

An administrator has been tasked with deploying a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain Stretched Cluster that consists of eight (8) hosts hour (4) hosts have been successfully deployed and commissioned in Availability Zone 1 (AZ1).

All other required prerequisites have been met The administrator has started the procedure of stretching the VMware vSAN cluster by creating a new network pool in Availability Zone 2 (AZ2)

What is the next step in the procedure?

  1. Get the UID of the Cluster in A21 using the API Explorer
  2. Stretch the VMware vSAN Cluster using the API.
  3. Get the UIDs of the hosts in AZ1 using the API Explorer.
  4. Commission the four (4) hosts within SDDC Manager

Answer(s): C

An administrator is tasked with configuring VMware Cloud Foundation NSX-T environment tor dynamic routing. Which routing protocol must be used?

  1. EIGRP
  2. BGP
  3. RIP
  4. OSPF

Answer(s): D

An administrator has been tasked with increasing the available capacity within an existing Cloud Foundation deployment to support the deployment of a production Workload Management cluster.

The VMware Cloud Foundation environment consists of a single workload called Production. The Production workload domain consists of a single vSAN Cluster called Production-01 that existing Virtual Machines. During the original deployment, even through automated firmware updates were not required, the Production workload domain was configured to use vSphere Lifecycle Images to automate its ongoing lifecycle management.

Four new hosts have been commissioned in SDDC Manager to support Workload Management. The new hosts are identically configured to the hosts that are currently deployed into the Production-01 cluster.

Which process must the administrator complete to enable Workload Management?

  1. Create a new vSAN Cluster within a new vSphere Lifecycle Manager Image-based workload domain.
  2. Create a new vSAN Cluster within a new vSphere Lifecycle Manager Baseline-based workload domain.
  3. Extend the Production-01 vSAN cluster with the additional four hosts.
  4. Create a new vSAN Cluster within the Production workload domain

Answer(s): C