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  • Updated On: 22-Sep-2020

What is the term used to describe giving an AWS user only access to the exact services he/she
needs to do the required job and nothing more?

A. The Least Privilege User Principal
B. The Principal of Least Privilege
C. The Only Access Principal.
D. None of the above

Answer(s): B

What you create and S3 bucket, what rules must be followed regarding the bucket name?
(Choose two)

A. Bucket names must be unique across all of AWS.
B. Bucket names must be between 3-63 characters in length.
C. Bucket names must contain at least one uppercase letter
D. Bucket names can be formatted as IP addresses

Answer(s): A, B
Although certain regions do allow for uppercase letters in the bucket name, uppercase letters
are NOT required. Also, a bucket name cannot be formatted as an IP address.

What are the main benefits of On-Demand EC2 instances? (Choose two)

A. They are the cheapest buying option.
B. They are the most filexible buying option.
C. They require 1-2 days for setup and configuration.
D. Create, start, stop, and terminate at any time.

Answer(s): B, D
On-demand EC2 instances are widely used due to their filexibility. You can create, start, stop,
and terminate at any time (with no startup or termination fees). Although due to this filexibility,
they are the most expensive buying option.

What AWS service must you use if you want to configure an AWS bil ing alarm?

A. CloudWatch
B. CloudMonitor
C. Consolidated bil ing
D. CloudTrail

Answer(s): A

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