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A Developer is building a web application that uses Amazon API Gateway to expose an AWS Lambda function to process requests from clients. During testing, the Developer notices that the API Gateway times out even though the Lambda function finishes under the set time limit.

Which of the following API Gateway metrics in Amazon CloudWatch can help the Developer troubleshoot the issue? (Choose two.)

  1. CacheHitCount
  2. IntegrationLatency
  3. CacheMissCount
  4. Latency
  5. Count

Answer(s): B,C

Reference: gateway-metrics-and-dimensions.html

A developer is preparing a deployment package using AWS Cloud Formation. The package consists of two separate templates: one for the infrastructure and one for the application. The application has to be inside the VPC that is created from the infrastructure template

How can the application stack refer to the VPC created from the infrastructure template?

  1. Use the Ret function to import the VPC into the application stack from the infrastructure template
  2. Use the export flag in the infrastructure template, and then use the Fn::lmportValue function in the application template
  3. Use the DependsOn attribute to specify that the application instance depends on the VPC in the application template
  4. Use the Fn::GetAtt function to include the attribute of the VPC in the application template.

Answer(s): A

A company runs continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for its application on AWS CodePipeline. A developer must write unit tests and run them as part of the pipelines before staging the artifacts for testing.

How should the Developer incorporate unit tests as part of CI/CD pipeline?

  1. Create a separate codePipline pipline to run unit tests.
  2. Update the AWS codeBuild build specification to include a phase for running unit tests.
  3. Install the AWS CodeDeploy agent on an Amazon EC2 instance to run unit tests.
  4. Create a testing branch in AWS CodeCommit to run unit tests.

Answer(s): B

A website's page load times are gradually increasing as more users access the system at the same time. Analysis indicates that a user profile is being loaded from a database in all the web pages being visited by each user and this is increasing the database load and the page load latency. To address this issue the Developer decides to cache the user profile data.

Which caching strategy will address this situation MOST efficiently?

  1. Create a new Amazon EC2 Instance and run a NoSQL database on it. Cache the profile data within this database using the write-through caching strategy.
  2. Create an Amazon ElastiCache cluster to cache the user profile data. Use a cache- aside caching strategy.
  3. Use a dedicated Amazon RDS instance for caching profile data. Use a write-through caching strategy.
  4. Create an ElastiCache cluster to cache the user profile data. Use a write-through caching strategy.

Answer(s): B


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