Answer(s): A
The maximum number of VPCs allowed per region is 5.
A customer has a website which shows all the deals available across the market. The site
experiences a load of 5 large EC2 instances generally. However, a week before ThanksgMng
vacation they encounter a load of almost 20 large instances. The load during that period varies
over the day based on the office timings. Which of the below mentioned solutions is cost
effective as well as help the website achieve better performance?

A. Setup to run 10 instances during the pre-vacation period and only scale up during the office
time by launching 10 more instances using the AutoScaIing schedule.
B. Keep only 10 instances running and manual y launch 10 instances every day during office
C. During the pre-vacation period setup 20 instances to run continuously.
D. During the pre-vacation period setup a scenario where the organization has 15 instances
running and 5 instances to scale up and down using Auto Scaling based on the network I/O

Answer(s): D
AWS provides an on demand, scalable infrastructure. AWS EC2 allows the user to launch On-
Demand instances and the organization should create an AMI of the running instance. When
the organization is experiencing varying loads and the time of the load is not known but it is
higher than the routine traffic it is recommended that the organization launches a few instances
before hand and then setups AutoScaIing with policies which scale up and down as per the EC2
metrics, such as Network I/O or CPU utilization. If the organization keeps all 10 additional
instances as a part of the AutoScaIing policy sometimes during a sudden higher load it may
take time to launch instances and may not give an optimal performance. This is the reason it is
recommended that the organization keeps an additional 5 instances running and the next 5
instances scheduled as per the AutoScaIing policy for cost effectiveness.
An organization is setting a website on the AWS VPC. The organization has blocked a few IPs
to avoid a D-DOS attack. How can the organization configure that a request from the above
mentioned IPs does not access the application instances?

A. Create an IAM policy for VPC which has a condition to disallow traffic from that IP address.
B. Configure a security group at the subnet level which denies traffic from the selected IP.
C. Configure the security group with the EC2 instance which denies access from that IP
D. Configure an ACL at the subnet which denies the traffic from that IP address.

Answer(s): D


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